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So yesterday I spent in Honolulu, our first port of harbor. Turns out, it’s pretty awesome. I spent pretty much the whole day on beach after my plans for hiking up Diamond Head fell through. (It took us 2 hours to depart the boat because the card-scanning machine broke down.)
I walked from the port where we were docked to the beach. It’s not as short a walk as it looks on the map. It’s a good four to five miles. That was strenuous, but it was nice once I got down to Waikiki Beach.
I shopped around a bit in the International Market, got suckered into buying 4 necklaces (for the low low price of 20 bucks.) And then I camped out on the beach. After 4 hours passed and I had run out of sunscreen and my plans for meeting up with another group of people fell through (we kept missing each other, it has to be the most crowded beach this side of Europe,) I caught a but back to the ship.
I got cleaned up and met with 3 other people down on Waikiki for dinner, where I had my first 21-year-old purchased beverage. (A Mai Tai, how appropriate.) Then we stopped by one of the multiple ABC stores and I got some Hawaiian Lion coffee and a macadamia chocolate bar.
Then we hauled ass back to the ship. If we are even a few minutes late, then we get dock time at the next port.
We got back with 10 minutes to spare.
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