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3 days out...

Hey guys,
Sorry for the hurried updates. The satellite on the ship hasn’t been working in this part of the world for one reason or another. (We get a new excuse every day.) And in country the internet is even less reliable.
So, yeah. One month down. 2 to go.
There are some days I miss home more than others. I’d say days like this (one of the few on ship we don’t have class) is one of the hardest. I want to be able to drive my car with the music on to downtown Decatur, getting a Raging Burrito, hang out with my excellent-good friends, and go home and watch X-files and read Firefly FanFic.
How sad is it that the thing I miss most about home is my DVD collection?
Maybe not too sad, it is a rather impressive collection.
I hope ya’ll are making good use of it in my absence. Nothing better be scratched when I get back.
So Vietnam was so much easier to navigate and more comfortable that I expected. It is a third world country, but you can really tell the progress that they’ve made recently. Even if the jobs that they had were meager, I only ran into a few people that were unemployed and begging.
And it really is beautiful, especially down on the Mekong Delta. There are 18 million people that live there but only a handful of cities. They are all dispersed out in the jungle.
I spent the last night in Saigon walking around and picking up some last-minute souvenirs (for some of you fine people.) I was by myself the entire time and I didn’t feel unsafe at all. I rode back on the back on a “taxi” driver’s motorcycle and I wished that we could have stayed a little longer.
Myanmar (Burma) next.
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