Rachel (morwen1013) wrote,

It was bound to happen eventually...

So two days ago the MV Explorer pulled into the harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The place looks like a mix between Italy and Greece with very steep cliffs that fall into the Adriatic (Take note of this, because this comes up again later.)
So after our ship was cleared, I headed out to climb the walls of Old Town with my friends Inga and Sakib. Due to the fact that we were taking our time and due to my inferior navigatory skills, we took a wrong turn and ended up taking pictures of the Adriatic from the road. Next to the road was a cliff. Down the cliff, we saw our friend Jonny and a few other guys swimming in the ocean. It looked fun so Sakib and I started to climb down.
There was a rock that had no footholds and was about 8 feet above the next ledge. Long story short I fell and sprained my ankle. Only at the time I thought it was broken because of the extreme pain. I couldn't move it at all and so I had to reclimb up the cliff with the assistance of about 5 guys, two girls, Inga and Sakib.
It was an excellent display of teamwork. I am so lucky that it happened where it did and when it did. I had a beautiful view of the Adriatic and several beautiful people to help me up. The only down side was the pain and the fact that I threw up three times because of the pain.
And I've had to miss all of the awesome outdoor shit to do here because I can't move my ankle.
I have spen thte majority of the last few days watching SCRUBS and Nip/Tuck. (That's another lucky thing, that I downloaded SCRUBS when I did. I now have a bootleg of the last 2 seasons.)
I have gone out to eat twice and tonight I went to a Croatian Mass. I hope that tomorrow I can get out to one of the islands and go swimming.
If I'm really lucky, the last day I will go horseback riding.
3 weeks to go!
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