Rachel (morwen1013) wrote,

Over Before it Begins?

I have finally gotten back in the swing of things and I actaully enjoy it. I have 15 hours of class, which granted is not above average but seeing as they are all upper-level English and History classes, that means a good two- three hours of reading a night.
So, why I am posting...
I applied for this independent coffee house down the street from where I used to work. They probably won't pay as well as Starbucks, but the place is so cool, I don't even care. But when I called the dude back for an interview he was muttering into the phone and people were screaming in the hallways of my school while I was trying to hold a conversation so I had to say "what?!" like 50 times. I hope I didn't bow this interview before I even go because I know I sounded like a spaz. But to give myself a little credit, he sounded stoned. Maybe he'll forget we even had that conversation.
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