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Crazy-Ass Weekend

This has been the most stressful weekend I have had in a really long time. I got into two fights with my roomate, made up, drove halfway to Athens, then turned around because no one was picking up their phone, and then I went to an Alumni Meeting of the people who had been to Semester at Sea. They were all very nice and enthusiastic and insisted that this trip will "change my life." It was a positive experience but after two and a half hours of talking and smiling and pretending to be outgoing I collapsed on the couch for two hours.
How am I going to handle 3 months of being around people constantly? I need time to recharge the old social battery. I can forsee many an hour spent alone in a cramped shower.
None-the-less, I feel that I am as ready as I'm going to be.
Apprehensive, but mostly excited.
My fear is close to what Stribling's was when she left, I would love this experience to change my life, but not so much that I cannot reconnect with people when I get back home.
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