Rachel (morwen1013) wrote,

Last Leg of the Journey

Hey Guys. I´m in Granada. Can´t report much on it because I have only been here about 3 hours, but it has a good downtown and it didn´t rain as much as in Sevilla.
We reached Cadiz, Spain 3 days ago (wow, it seems longer that that) and I slept until 11. Then, Lil Rachael and I hit the train station and took off for Sevilla. That night we found a hostel that was kind of dodgy, but had a private bathroom and cool tiles on the wall, so I let it slide. We went out and I drank on glass of beer and felt tipsy (¿how sad is that?) Then we went to see the Borat movie, only we didn´t realize it had been dubbed in Spanish. Luckily, the Borat movie is pretty much the perfect moive to watch if you understand one-eighth of the language because he talks simple and it was mostly physical comedy anyway.
The next day we went to the Seville Cathedral, which is the biggest in Europe, and I hesitate to say, the coolest I´ve ever been in. (Sorry Hagia Sophia.) We shopped a lot. We ate and drank a fair amount. (They really don´t tell you that those Spaniards know their wine AND their beer pretty well.) And that night we went to a Flamenco Show. The woman danced like a Fire Spirit or like a bullfighter fighting herself. It was furious and interesting.
This morning we got up after a rocky night of listening to crazy Spaniards partying and the street sweeper and went ot the Museum of Fine Arts. Then we got on a train and here we are. We are heading off to the Alhambra tomorrow and then to see the palace of... hold it... hold it... Carlos V. (It´s okay to be jealous...)
Then we´re going back to Cadiz, hopefully engaging in a night of drunken debachery and then heading back to America.
So this is my last update from this side of the world people.
I will see you in 3 weeks!
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