Rachel (morwen1013) wrote,

Feels More Like Going Back to Sleep...

I'm home again. Well, one of my homes. I'm in Memphis with my parents and sister. It's really a relief to not have to do anything. It's good to be back.
There are a few things that I suppose could qualify as "reverse culture shock" though. Since when I was traveling in country, we were the only Americans around, anytime someone spoke in English, they were talking to one of us. So when I was walking around the airport someone said "Hey" into their cellphone, I whipped around because I assumed they were talking to me. Also, I'm used to the fact that everyone white person or American-looking person being people that I know. So when I'm anywhere now I keep "seeing" people from the ship in the faces of everyone I meet.
It's kind of sad actually.
I will be coming down to Atlanta in about a week.
And then, to Savannah for a few days.
Looking forward to seeing you all and catching up!
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